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Handling Differences of Opinion and a Concert

May 09, 20243 min read

Differences of Opinion

One thing about taking on a big project like the one we are starting is that the differences in perspectives and issues in communication can't just be swept under the rug.

Ignoring issues that would sometimes come up in our family was easier when we weren't together so much or had to make major decisions very often.

We could sometimes get away with just agreeing to disagree and moving on to do things in our own way.

This is not possible when the whole family is together most of the time and everything needs be be discussed from chore systems, to activities, to finances, to big decisions about how to make this nonprofit organization work!

Some of the differences and issues we have been able to somewhat ignore over the years are coming to the surface and can't be ignored anymore.

Prioritizing Values

A powerful insight I had recently about these differences is that how we see things is not a matter of personal opinion. It's a matter of how we prioritize important values.

Everyone is trying to live the values most important to them (and most of us would agree that each other's values are important) but we disagree on which of the values are most important when they come in conflict with each other.

For example, having a clean home and an orderly schedule is an important value. But what is someone needs to be heard about a problem they are having during work time? Or what if they feel that something is unfair in their work?

Do we choose to emphasize the value of hard work, obedience, and orderliness in the schedule?

Or do we choose to emphasize the importance of letting every voice be heard and fostering relationships?

There are countless examples like this that come up in our lives every day. We are needing to practice honoring the values of others while still honoring our own values so that no one’s values get undermined.

Jared Halverson gave a talk called Harmony in Pursuit of Orthodoxy in which he talks about how to navigate these differences in values.

I super recommend it. It is a key we often miss in becoming a united family, church, nation, or people.

I am excited to practice the principles he shares more in our family to have a more united, peaceful home

Choir Concert

Discover the Bible Park recently celebrated Passover week. Our little choir got to sing during the celebration.

Jessalyn has been working hard at teaching the kids how to sing and I've been teaching them English.

There were tears in the audience as we listened to the kids share this message about how much God loves us and hears us.

Update on Antony

We have two $30 sponsors for Antony! e will be starting English classes on May 24th. He is very excited about the opportunity to learn and is so grateful that others care about his education <3

He has many gifts and valuable experiences. I believe (as does he) that he will be able to use them to help many of the hard-to-reach youth we will get to have in our lives in the future.

We still need at least one more sponsor to help us pay him for his work so he can have the time to study, please consider helping if it's possible for you..

Read more about him on our last email/blog post.

Become a PathMentor

Ropes Event and Thank you!

Thank you to those who participated in the couples retreat at CLAS Ropes! Many good people helped put it together and many good people participated. I'll send pictures in the next email since I need to get them from my daughter.

We appreciate your willingness to do something to help us in this work that feels so huge and is beyond us sometimes.

It is so good to know we are not alone and that others care and want to contribute. We love you and what you have done to make this possible so far.

With love,

Karen Bates

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Karen Bates

Karen is the creator of the Find Your Path Program and Founder of Find Your Path Mission, a non profit organization dedicated to helping youth break negative cycles and reach their personal potential.

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