How can you help?

We're glad you asked!

Volunteer from wherever you are!

  • Craft & Raise Funds: Create crafts to sell at our info booths.

  • Represent Us: Volunteer at booths in various locales.

  • Host Fundraising or Collection Drive Events: Use our guide to organize fundraising or collection drive events in your community.

  • Share Your Talents: From writing, editing, or teaching, your skills are needed.

  • Team Up: Fundraise or start a social media campaign for unity and awareness.

  • Have a unique idea? We're excited to hear how you'd like to contribute.

Click for more information on how to get involved and make a difference, wherever you are!

Looking to take a service trip to our school in Mexico?

Service Trips are a way to make travel more meaningful for families, friends, or individuals.

You will:

  • Engage directly in projects that improve lives.

  • Learn about local customs and traditions, enhancing mutual respect.

  • Offer your talents to make a lasting difference.

  • Reflect on your experiences and connect with fellow volunteers each day.

Click below for more information about our service trips:

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