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An Impactful Experience About Overcoming Fear

March 06, 20244 min read

We invited people from our church who live near by to be the first to try the ropes course. One of the young women who showed up was my friend who is completely blind.

After an introduction to the rules and the purpose of being there, we divided up into two groups to go do different activities. My friend was in my group. I thought they might enjoy a game called Opposites. In this game, we divided up into two teams and each team stood on opposite sides of a log that was on the ground. The object was for the teams to change places without stepping off the log.

My friend got on the log and tried for a few minutes, but when people kept falling off the log and having to start again, she got nervous and decided to sit out.

opposites log

She decided to sit out also during the next low course activity.

Which is why I was surprised that she said yes when I asked her if she wanted to try the high course if I went with her. I told her that she would be harnessed to a cable above her so that even if she slipped, the rope would catch her and she would be safe.

She felt her way up the ladder. The first obstacle is a log that you walk across, like the one we started with in the game Opposites, except it is 30 feet in the air instead of on the ground. She felt her way across it too. The next obstacle is a log bridge with big gaps between the logs.

I explained to her what it was and told her to feel for the next log with her feet, "about 1/2 meter in front of you, just feel for it and then step on it."

adult on bridge

It was at this point that I realized how much more true to life this experience was on the course than the experiences where we can see.

Life on Earth

We come to earth completely blind to what we knew before we were born and completely dependent on someone else to teach us in the best way they know how.

God asks us to take the next step, and it can be scary because we don't know what is ahead if we take a step. What if it's a misstep? What if we fall?

My friend was scared on the obstacles on the ground for this reason. What if she fell and got hurt because she couldn't see the ground? Or what if someone else fell and pulled her down? It was too risky and she sat out.

But why was she willing to do much more difficult things when she was so much higher?

Key to Courage

It was because she knew she was safe. The rope would catch her if she made a mistake. As long as she was harnessed in; connected to the strong cable above her, she would be fine. She also knew the obstacles and cable would lead her to the end of the course... there was no need to guess about which way she should go. The path was clear.

This is actually the same principle that allowed us to have the courage to move to Mexico to start a home and school for abandoned teens. We couldn't see very far ahead, and we didn't know exactly how we would accomplish all there was to do. BUT we knew they were God's children and that He loved them, and He would help us if our motive for going was the love He had for them.

As long as we were harnessed in (covenants/promises) connected to the strong cable above us (Jesus) and walking on the path (commandments)... regardless of the obstacles, and listening to the Spirit of Love that prompts us to take the next step "it's about 1/2 a meter in front of you, just feel for it and take a step"... we would be fine. He would catch us and help us get to where He wants us to go.

I was so proud of my friend! At the end of the obstacles, there are 4 zip lines. She laughed as she zipped down on each one.

With faith like hers, life would be a thrill to experience. We don't have to ever be afraid.

girl zip

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Karen Bates

Karen is the creator of the Find Your Path Program and Founder of Find Your Path Mission, a non profit organization dedicated to helping youth break negative cycles and reach their personal potential.

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