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ZIPote + Find Your Path Mission

ZIPote Ropes Adventures is run by Find Your Path Mission, a non-profit dedicated to helping abandoned teens in Mexico.

Proceeds Support Abandoned Teens

Proceeds from ZIPote will help us build a campus that will provide the following for at-risk teens and their siblings:

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Jobs skills

  • A supportive environment

  • and more!

The Value of a Ropes Course

The ropes course at Find Your Path serves several purposes – it:

  • Serves as a venue for growth for the resident students at Find Your Path Mission

  • Provides a revenue source for the school so it can fulfill its needs

  • Will eventually provide jobs and income for older resident students

How Our Ropes Course was Built

ZIPote Ropes Adventures was built due to the hard work and generosity of the owners and families of:

CLAS Ropes

Big Rock Adventure

We are so grateful for their kindness, expertise, and time and energy!